I am Moving~

Hello there 🙂
Thank you for stopping by my blog. I would really love to share my chocolate with you, but unfortunately..I’ve moved to a new home ^^

After years printing my trails inside the web, I realize I’m living a messy web life. So I decided to gather all my web profile into one home. Including this blog. This new home would be called Little House of Rena. That’s how my best friends call me, Rena. My visitor is my best friends too, right 🙂

My new home would be colorful. For I’ll be sharing lots of new things, giving away new stuffs, and so many many new stories to tell. A little sneak peek of what’s inside the little house:

  • Same ‘ol, same ‘ol….there will still be my journal, some review, and recipe. Just like before..
  • I will start documenting my craftworks, so there will also be a crafting room inside the house. I’ll start with my old projects to more recent one..
  • Notice that my blog also feature my ephemeral thoughts called poem…my new home will also be the place for me to put away those thoughts. There will be a library where I can store poem, fiction writing and my other works…

….and many other fun stuff that will spend too many pages to tell :p. Do visit my new home and meet all my new chara-friends there 🙂

Visit My New Home at LittleHouseofRena.com / Enter ngiuphobia.wordpress.com to browse my old blog