bukaretsleting: a blog full of challenge!

few weeks ago hubby gave me a link to a blog. he said it was deathly hilarious! too bad my net-connection wasn’t as good that i decided to ignore and just forget it.

however, few days ago i was taking a cute-little-peek on my friend’s FB wall and just recognize the blog that she was sharing. it was THAT blog from earlier. didn’t took me long before i opened the blog aaaaand just exactly like hubby said, it was dead-drop hilarious!!

the owner, Andri Perdana Ilham, had this extraordinary concept as in this , he’s daring ANYBODY to dare him a challenge. it’s said he’ll do ANYTHING, any challenge as long as it has nothing to do with SARA, especially religion issues. he even opened a poll in which we can choose what challenge should perform first. too bad the polling’s closed now. but we can still see some of his brave and funny action in pictures or videos, which he said “prove of act”. below is a picture of him taking down the “kiss a policeman’s cheek” challenge from Inno. what did he do? he ask a policeman a common -where-is-this-street- question. slowly make an approach and when he was close enough, he did it! he said he’s being busted and spent times at the police station. but is it gonna stop you Andri? I hope not!  So far he has done 4 challenges, and is willing to do more. Go API go!!

Breaking news : He’s on MTV Insomnia show today (Nov 5th 09). What challenge he do? not much, but he did say something about his inspiration and all. Nice to see him live btw. 🙂

Andri on "Kissing the Policeman" challenge

Andri on "Using Pink-legging to Mall" challenge

Check it Out :   Bukaretsleting


5 thoughts on “bukaretsleting: a blog full of challenge!

  1. wew … kayanya gue gabisa jawab pertanyaan lo deh, karna gue cuma nge-review apa yg gue liat & gue suka. Buat pertanyaan lo langsung aja komen di blog-nya API, link-nya uda gue kasih diatas 🙂

    as for my opinion, gue ngerti maksud lo. ga setiap orang bisa nerima hal-hal semacam itu, furthermore dipublikasikan pula..haha. tapi gue pribadi lebih melihatnya sebagai hiburan. Toh ga semua tantangannya melibatkan orang lain sebagai objek :p

    1. hi, salam kenal juga 🙂
      sori baru sempet bales hehe…masa sih? barusan gue cek bisa kok, mungkin kemaren lagi maintenance atau down servernya.
      coba cek lagi deh. moga bisa ya

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