hello april

Hello new month. Suddenly i miss you, miss this. April 2 years ago, i would still be Ms.Patrick juggling about papers and spraypaint between Dipatiukur-Jatinangor. Still be laughing loud and sometimes cry over the lost romance. Listening to A Fine Frenzy and Club 8 in a gray somehow memorable room. I know, i’ve gone through. So today when Ms. April stop by my window once more, shall i kindly say hello? Hello April 🙂

Anyway, there are still lot of things i wanna share/do. But since this is my first working week, i dont think i’ll find spare times to make it. Sadden yes, i’ve been used to being free and all then suddenly i gotta be at office by 8 come out by 5, if not late. cant do what i planned to do before, cant teach my son a little ABC (owh yes, he’s been held back lately T^T). i already missed my working at home hours ^^.

Luckily, my office now is very friendly. People around me are kind and helpful. I were just being here less than a week and i already familiar with them, they’re really open. I feel like i’m gonna find my second family here. Bismillah, i hope it’s true 🙂

At last, i dont think i’m able to write anything good/informative as often as before. but i’ll try my best since i love it here too. so i guess i’ll see you around. Happy April! err….no April Mop, pleaseeee ^.*


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