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gastronomy aficionado

 Hey there! Didn’t I promise you something? Somewhere around..May? xixi..well it’s almost 3months since and I just realize I haven’t made that promise yet. Sorryy…

Okay so without prolonging my babble..-i know, i’ve been babblin alot lately- I simply gonna take you back to May 2 when I said I found an eyepleasure that keeps me reading on and on and on. It is true, I still read it with pleasure. As you all know, I’ve always been a foodies. Every little scoop or slice of meals hold a strong feel. Every bit of bite melted in memory like when you bite your first chocolate. The taste remains. The artifact of the food stays in memory so deep that you wanna taste it again or simply remind you of  home.  That is food to me.

So when I find this The Gastronomy Aficionado blog, I cant help myself but to swipe it done. All to the last bit of post. I love all the content in it. Love the way he writes, love the choices of place he took,  love the pictures and every little information about the food alley he provided. As a huge food fetish, I can proudly say..I am your newest big fan, Rian Farisa 🙂

What to expect?

In Gastronomy Aficionado you can easily find wide range of cafe/resto/etc selection. From the smallest kiosk into the fanciest bistro. Mostly any food gallery attract his foodie-eyes. But that is not all, he also give away various info related to food industry such as Indonesian Resto highlight etc. Good to know that Rian is very much attached into his work in Gastronomy that we find almost all of his writing is very well  knitted, letting us experience the tasting ourselves, complete with prices, locations, recommendation and many good info. Some of them even feature the chef themselves.

Do visit his blog for full menu or simply follow his twitter for flash delight news. I prefer reading his full foodie-feature though :p


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