new day will rise (a leftover story)

I never too comfortable to share my own life story and there’s actually not much to tell too ^^ I always feels like my life ain’t for public to see. And there would be no fun reading it too since I’m more like a home-person. But the main reason of my introverted act is probably this…

Long ago…I’ve been social, I’ve been talkative, but there are also times where i feel insecure and (maybe) too introvert. I call it the dark times, which is just recently. As I mention some in my blog, something bad has happened to the family that shattered us apart. No, thankfully it wasn’t Dinofam. sadly, its bigger than both of us. That story caused me and probably anyone in the family to shut the door tight. At some point, I even grew paranoia. I removed every pictures of me, anything about my life and my story, and stop posting so much at soc-med. I start being too gloomy and sad. Not like I’ve never been gloom before, but it is just tiring. I stop believing there’s good in anything. Skeptical, that’s how I became. Sometimes some fairytale wont even thrill me anymore. As if there’s anything good happen, something awfully bad must’ve followed them from the start.

Now after two years and more…things start to get better. The darkness that fall upon my head starting to fade among the mighty universe. and I thank Allah for that. I guess every fallout has a purpose afterall. At least it help me grow & become stronger. Although not completely gone, I feel a lot of burden & paranoia is slowly away. Now, after the colors are back into my life, I wanna start something new. I wanna challenge myself to not afraid to share my life story anymore. To be able to attach more into my own blog & laugh hard when I read it again in my 80’s (as if I’d live that long ;p)

So here I am. Now after I resigned, I got the time to start doing my long-planned ideas. And Imma start making new life for the blog as my first step. Will take a biiiig preparation for it. Wish me luck & hope to connect with you more in the future 🙂


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