i lo~ve chocolate..bite it naked, pour down a latte, keep it garnished..all taste yummy

but to call it a day, a hot one with marshmallow always make it!

anyway, chocolate always left a bitter:sweet anyway we have it. like my last cup of chocolatte, a chocolate pour with cream n latte. tastes sweet on first sip, leave a bitter tastes afterward. the taste i never tend to resist by any case. just like my fav word : addictive bittery.

so why do i made this blog? i dunno..my hubby told me to ^^’. he felt like i’m wasting so much time wandering around while i had so much goin on my mind..so here i am now. not gonna write anything useful by the way…just wanna let you have a sip of my chocolatte…..coz like mamagump used to say, life is like a box of chocolate  ^o^

a box chocolate is also a good way to describe my blog.  there’s a piece of a flavor and a piece of another. Grab what you like and just bite!   like here in my blog you can find many unrelated things, many flavors.  some sweets…some bitters.  and I let you grab a handful of  it,  just bite then you may leave a bitemark on my chocobox…err…i mean leave a comment on my blog 

ow…i forget to introduce myself.  well, my name is angie renata. happily lives in Bandung area and love writing so much my fingers can even dance in bad circumstances hehe…but even until this very moment i don’t know if i can write a good story

just hope you enjoy it …

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Mba Angie, I’m happy that I could step by your blog and enjoyed the chocolate you provided;-) I bited then some I put on my blog…thanks so much for the info:-)

    1. Waw..really appreciate your visit, Mba Ai. I stop by your blog and I really love being there 🙂
      So many inspiring stories..love the way you tell them too, serasa udah kenal lama deh. Salam kenal ya 🙂

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