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ketika anak-anak bercerita lewat karya

Hari Minggu lalu, jalan Raden Patah yang terletak persis di antara Ngopi Doeloe dan Resto Cabe Rawit, dua venue populer kawasan Dago, nampak sesak oleh kendaraan. Dari kejauhan terlihat barisan kakak-kakak fakultas seni dan desain berbagai universitas di Bandung tengah mengisi kegiatan. Mereka adalah para pengagas Open Your Heart Studio. Sebuah studio yang mengabdikan diri pada pendidikan anak-anak kurang mampu di bawah koridor seni. Tepat di rumah nomor 12 yang akrab disapa Galeri Gerilya itulah, bernaung sebuah pameran kolektif anak-anak Panti Asuhan Mitra Muslim Bandung.

Pameran ini merupakan puncak rangkaian kegiatan workshop selama dua tahun penuh. Diawali dengan workshop gambar. Kemudian diwujudkan dalam mural di Kebun Binatang Bandung pada 2009. Perjalanan Open Your Heart Studio dalam membimbing anak-anak Mitra Muslim membawa mereka pada pengalaman “belajar” dan “mempelajari” yang baru. Tidak hanya mengajarkan untuk berkarya, Open Your Heart Studio mengajarkan sesuatu yang jauh lebih berharga, berani untuk bermimpi.

Dibawah tajuk “Cita Cerita Kami,” pameran ini adalah cerminan mimpi anak-anak. Berangkat dari rasa ragu saat mencoba mencoretkan garis gambar di atas kertas, hingga menjelma menjadi kupu-kupu cantik yang terbang menjelajah langit luas.

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decorating valentine at home

Valentine is coming to town, ayayay! It’s February now, and lovers out there can’t wait to grab a handful of chocolate & flower bouquet. And a candle light dinner will beautifully wrap the day.

But what happen if you’re married, having child & cannot go outside because you cant leave the child alone? Well it happened to me back in 2005. I was almost a valday abuser then. Cant leave the day without celebrating. When it happened, I decided to bring the party inside. I always love crafting and a bit cooking, so I add my own touch to things I find inside the house, or kept since highschool hours (Yeess, I love collecting kawaii goods too :p). If it happens to you, hope what I did inspired you in a way or another 🙂


tv kabel story: aora tv

Sejak selasa lalu ada hiburan baru di sarang dino. Yaaa, setelah wii dan teman-teman konsolnya, ditambah segudang komik dan kawan-kawan, mulai hari ini dinofam punya tv kabel! haha, telat banget ya. Tadinya sih kita ga kepengen masang tv kabel, dan selalu menemukan alasan buat ga pasang. Tapi~ setelah saya resign & banyak dirumah saya baru… Continue reading tv kabel story: aora tv


sarindo, i hope we’ll never meet again!

my relationship with sarindo is like an old-fashioned story-book. on/off before marriage. Only in my case with Sarindo, I wish it to be on/off before end :p Yea as I mention before, my iphone has been wrecked twice. First only 4days after she came outta the store. I try to take a pic but the… Continue reading sarindo, i hope we’ll never meet again!


my sweet little apple, whatever happens to you?

As I open my eyes, I look at you with smile..(and with the urge to check whats on twitter if my finger aint just flirting with instagram)..Oh how silly I am ^^. But I guess not as silly as my phone when it suddenly burst out crazy and spread this creepy-looking black splats all-over her screen! Hwaa…I never seen something like that, tho’ deep down inside I stay in trust that she will be just fine and get back to her best performance soon.

Well…at least it was before the splats transform into emergency disco-light where the screen keep shaking, making this appsquake before half of the screen then went absolutely black. At that point, I begin to worry. Rea~lly worry 😦

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‘facebook like’ button & free wordpress, the drama

Up til today, I am mostly happy with my Wordpress feature. I mean, yes wp is definitely not as customizable as their fella blogger, but I never like too much accessories anyway so wp fit me best. Talking bout basic feature…at least wp give as much access to sharing button and to my favorite: Facebook Like button.

Prior to wp update, adding a Facebook Like button into post is as easy as a clap, all you have to do is choose between icons in [sharing] menu and just drag the chosen icon into tray. Of course, you’ll need extra work if then you would like to add Facebook Share button as well. But still, it is easy. With that few step wp will automatically add a button on my posts and I will be able to few who likes or share my post too. Some of my previous posts has had few numbers on them and I really grateful. Sometimes by looking at the numbers on Facebook Like button give me another reason as well as passion to write more.

And now………it’s gone.

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gastronomy aficionado

 Hey there! Didn’t I promise you something? Somewhere around..May? xixi..well it’s almost 3months since and I just realize I haven’t made that promise yet. Sorryy… Okay so without prolonging my babble..-i know, i’ve been babblin alot lately- I simply gonna take you back to May 2 when I said I found an eyepleasure that keeps… Continue reading gastronomy aficionado